Formatos de arquivos começando por T
A extensão do arquivo Nome inteiro do arquivo
T Turing Programming Language Format
T$2A Timbuktu Pro
T$AB Timbuktu Pro Address Book
T$M AVG Internet Security Temporary Format
T00 TaxCut Federal Data
T01 TAXWIZ Deluxe Tax Format
T02 TaxCut 2002 Tax Return Format
T03 TaxCut 2003 Tax Return Format
T04 TaxCut 2004 Tax Return Format
T05 TaxCut 2005 Tax Return Format
T06 TaxCut 2006 Tax Return Format
T07 TaxCut 2007 Tax Return Format
T08 TaxCut 2008 Tax Return Format
T09 At Home 2009 Tax Return Format
T1 Male MRI Image Format
T10 At Home 2010 Tax Return Format
T11 At Home 2011 Tax Return Format
T12 H&R Block At Home 2012 Tax Return Format
T13 H&R Block Tax Software Tax Return
T2 TrueType Font Format
T2B CyBook Thumbnail Image Format
T2D Technology Transfer Database
T2K Teach2000 Document Format
T2KS Teach2000 Exam Results Format
T2KT Teach2000 Exam Format
T2S Tier2
T2T Txt2tags Text Document
T3 TADS 3 Game
T3001 TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project Format
T32 Drive Image 5
T3A Swift 3D Animation Preset
T3D Epic Unreal Engine 3D Object Format
T3V TADS 3 Saved Position
T3X TYPO3 Compressed Extension
T4 TerrAlign Alignment Configuration
T44 DBASE IV Temporary
T49 HP48/HP49 Specific
T64 Commodore 64 Emulator Tape Format
T65 Adobe PageMaker Template
T80 TANK - API 650/653 Output Document
TA1 TaxACT 2001 Tax Form
TA9 TaxACT Tax Document
TAAC Sun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
TAB MapInfo Format
TABULA-BUTTONS Tabula Button Library
TABULA-DOC Tabula Document
TABULA-DOCSTYLE Tabula Document Settings
TAC ActiCalc Data Format
TAD Total Annihilation Demo Saved Game Data
TAF ADRIFT Text Adventure Format
TAG DataFlex Query Tag Name Format
TAH Turbo Assembler Help
TAK TAK Lossless Compressed Audio Format
TAL BrainVoyager QX Talairach Coordinate
TAM Tame Program Settings
TAN Amazon Kindle
TAO Track At Once CD/DVD Image
TAP Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
TAR Unix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive
TAR-GZ Gzip Compressed TAR Archive
TAR-Z TAR Compressed Archive
TARGZ Compressed Tarball File
TARGZ2 Misnamed BZ2 Tarball
TARLZMA LZMA Compressed Tarball
TARXZ XZ Compressed TAR Archive Format
TARZ Tar.Z Compressed Archive
TARAA Linux TAR Split Archive
TARDIST Tardist Compressed Archive
TARGA Truevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TARGETS MSBuild Targets Format
TAS ADRIFT Text Adventure Save
TAT ESRI Geographic Text Attribute Table
TAX TurboTax Tax Return Format
TAX08 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX09 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX10 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX11 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX12 TurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TAX13 TurboTax Tax Return
TAX2008 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX2009 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX2010 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX2011 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX2012 TurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TAX2013 TurboTax Tax Return
TAXFORM QuickBooks Draft
TAZ TAR Compressed Archive
TB Tabbery Tab Format
TB0 Adobe Photoshop Format Browser Thumbnail Cache Format
TB1 Borland Turbo C Font
TB2 Borland Turbo C Font
TB3 Intel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
TB5 Intel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
TBA DB/Text Database Primary Textbase Definition
TBB The Bat! E-mail Hives
TBC Formula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles
TBD Document System Document Source Code
TBF Trellian Button Factory
TBG Infinity Engine Game
TBI FIFA 2001 Data Cmn Be
TBK ToolBooK Format
TBL Table Format
TBM DB/TextWorks Database Menu Screen
TBN XBMC Folder Thumnail Format
TBP TASBooks Accounting Data Format
TBR SoftQuad XMetaL Configuration
TBS TuneUp Style Boot Screen Format
TBT Timbuktu Pro Remote Control Software
TBV Turbo-BrainVoyager Data
TBX Trados Glossary
TBZ Bzip2 Compressed TAR Archive Format
TBZ2 BZIP/TAR Compressed Archive Format
TC TrueCrypt Disk Volume Format
TC2 TurboCAD 2D Drawing Format
TC3 TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing Format
TCA The Complete Animator Animation
TCB Tokyo Cabinet TBZIP
TCC TimeCalc Classic Proprietary Formatted Data File Format
TCD Technobox CAD Drawing
TCE TLE File Format
TCF TTWin 3 Certificate Licensing
TCH Borland C++ Help
TCL TCL Script Source Code
TCLOG TestComplete Log
TCM TurboCAD Mac Drawing Format
TCP Tally.ERP Compiled Program Format
TCR Psion Series 3 EBook Format
TCS TreeComp Snapshot
TCSH Unix Shell Script
TCT TurboCAD Template Format
TCW TurboCAD For Windows Drawing Format
TCX Garmin Training Center Database XML Format
TCZ PSTextMerge Script Format
TCZL Tiny Core Linux Xlib
TD Borland Turbo Debugger For DOS Configuration Format
TD0 Teledisk Disk Image
TD2 Borland Turbo Debugger For Win32 Configuration
TD4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Format
TD6 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Format
TDA Palm To Do Format
TDA3MT DivX Author Template Format
TDAT Codewarrior Mac
TDB EBay Turbo Lister Format
TDC ALLCapture Project
TDDD 3D Data Description Format
TDE Tableau Data Extract Format
TDF Total Annihilation Features Format
TDI Explore (TDI) & Maya Image File (IFF Format)
TDIM Digital F/X Image Format
TDK Borland Turbo Debugger Keystroke Recording
TDL Tab Delineated File Format
TDLOG Microsoft Visual Studio
TDM LabVIEW Binary Measurement Format
TDMB Trimble Outdoors Navigator Map Bundle
TDOC Tabula Document
TDP Sherif DrawPlus Thumbnail
TDR Top Draw Vector Graphic
TDS Borland Turbo Debugger Symbol Table Format
TDT THOR Data Tree Format
TDT2 Panasonic HD Video Camera Movie
TDV DIAdem VIEW Module Setup Information
TDX Visual FoxPro Offline View
TDY TODAY BuildProfessional Application
TDZ Drobo Firmware Update Format
TE Textease CT Database Format
TE3 Wintrack Object Format
TEA Tea Source
TEACHER SMART Response Teacher Database Format
TEC Tecplot ASCII Data Format
TED Tribes 2 Game Format
TEE TeeChart Office Graphics
TEF TablEdit Tablature Format
TEI TrackEye Image Sequence
TEM Borland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language Script
TEMP Temporary Format
TEMPLATE Template Format
TEN TeeChart For .NET Chart Control Template
TEP TopiaryExplorer Project
TEQ Saia S-Web-Editor PCD
TER TerraGen Landscape
TERM Apple Mac OS X Terminal
TERMINAL Apple Mac OS X Terminal Settings Format
TERMS Cygwin Demos
TERRAIN TerraGen Terrain Graphic Data
TESTRUNCONFIG Microsoft Visual Studio Test Run Configuration Format
TESTSETTINGS Microsoft Visual Studio Format
TET Textease Template Format
TEW Wrestling Spirit
TEX TeX/LaTeX Text Document Format
TEX0 Nintendo Wii Texture Format
TEXINFO Texinfo Source
TEXT Simple Text Format
TEXTCLIPPING Mac OS X Text Clipping Format
TEXTILE Eclipse IDE WikiText Document
TEXTMATE_INIT Unix Shell Script (bash)
TEXTS Ribbons Texts
TEXTUREPACK Arena Wars Texture Pack
TEXTUTILS Gnome Desktop
TF Autodesk Inventor Transcript
TF2 Team Fortress 2 Data
TFA Turbo Profiler Area Format
TFC Unreal Engine 3 Texture Cache Format
TFD Tape Format Requirements Document Format
TFH Turbo Profiler Help
TFIL Blizzard Software Update Format
TFL Tific Client
TFM Tagged Font Metric Format
TFMX Final Musicsystem EXtended Amiga Audio Format
TFP ProWORX Nxt Full Page Data
TFR Star Wars Tie Fighter Game Pilot Format
TFRD Tape Image Format Requirements Document
TFS Turbo Profiler Statistical Information
TFT Text Formatter Plus Text Information
TFW World File For TIFF
TFWX ArcGIS Approximate Affine Transformation
TFX Tax Exchange
TG Gzip Compressed TAR Archive
TG4 TG4 Image Format
TGA Truevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TGB IPSec VPN Client VPN Configuration
TGC Terragen Node Clip
TGD TerraGen World
TGF Trival Graph Format
TGH Guitar Hero 3 Tier Settings
TGI SimCity 4
TGL SkyMap Pro Target List
TGMD ThumbGen Movie Metadata
TGMG TabGroups Manager For Firefox Exported Group
TGML Tecumseh Group Markup Language
TGO Terragen 2 Object
TGP TGPGuiLib Terragen Plugin
TGQ Dungeon Keeper 2 Movie Game
TGS GSTree Phylogenetic Tree Information
TGV Electronic Arts Video
TGW TerraGen World
TGWORLD TerraGen World
TGX Stronghold
TGZ Gzip Compressed TAR Archive
TH Therion Data Format
THA Windows Thai Noise-Words List Format
THB KinuPix Skin
THD Dolby TrueHD Audio
THE Microsoft Plus! Pack Desktop Theme
THEATER IMovie Theater Library
THEM Microsoft Windows Desktop Theme
THEME Windows Desktop Theme Format
THEMEPACK Microsoft Windows 7 Theme Pack Format
THEWITCHERSAVE The Witcher Save Game
THF PcAnywhere Thin Host
THL PowerProducer Background Image Icon
THM Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Theme Format
THME Microsoft Theme Format
THMX Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Theme Format
THN Graphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THNL Graphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THP TurboTax Text String Format
THR Thred Embroidery Outline
THS Corel WordPerfect Thesaurus Dictionary
THUMB JAlbum Thumbnail Format
THUMBDATA Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA-IDX3 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3 Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA3--1763508120 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3--1967290299 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3--NUMBER Android MediaProvider Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA4 Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA4--1763508120 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA4--1967290299 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA5 Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA5--1763508120_0 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA5--1967290299_0 Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBSDB PixFiler Thumbnail Database
THX Amiga THX Tracker Music
TI Timber Compiler
TI0 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI1 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI2 Tabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TIB Acronis TrueImage Backup Disk Image Format
TIC TruKnox Cache
TID TruKnox Transfer Details
TIE CrossTie Installer Format
TIF Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIFF Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIG Texas Instruments Connect Backup Format
TIGER Crystal Dynamics Game Data Archive Format
TII Apache Lucene Term Info Index
TIKZ Matlab Tikz Script
TIL Nova Logic Game Tile
TILE Eclipse Image
TILEMAP XML Tilemap Format
TILESKINZIP Elemental Tile Skin
TIM The Incredible Machine Level Format
TIN Bentley GEOPAK Environmental Modeling Systems
TINF Microsoft Theme Info
TINY Gnome Desktop
TINYID Tiny Village
TIP TuneUp Utilities Icon Package Format
TIPROGRAM TI-Basic Source Code Format
TIR Tibia RePlay Tibia Movie
TIS TruKnox Captured Device Settings Format
TIT Train Simulator Track Interactive Table
TIVO TiVo Video Format
TIW Bentley InRoads
TIX DivX Video Download Activation Format
TJA Taikojiro Song Map Format
TJC Taikojiro Song Map Sequence Format
TJF IBM Rational ClearCase Transaction
TJP TaskJuggler Project Format
TK Tk Language Script
TK1 Wintec Tools GPS Log
TK2 Roxio/Take Two Backup
TK3 TK3 Multimedia EBook Format
TKB TicketBench Data
TKFL TKLinks Saver Favorite Links Format
TKL Takeoff Live PDF Working Data
TKM TkMOO-light
TKN Liberty BASIC Application Distribution
TKO Win32/Oficla Malware Format
TKP MicroImages SML Script Standalone Application
TKR ESignal Ticker Format
TKS Traktor Pro MIDI Map
TKW TK Solver
TL OpenTL Open Track List
TL5 Timeliner 5 Format
TLA TuneUp Logo Animations
TLB OLE Type Library
TLBACKUP True Launch Bar Backup Settings
TLC The Logo Creator Format
TLD Tag Library Descriptor Format
TLE TLE File Format
TLG QuickBooks Transaction Log Format
TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header Format
TLI Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline Format
TLIC Trust Lincense
TLK BioWare Talk Table Format
TLL LG TV Link-Loader Configuration Format
TLM Timeline Maker Timeline
TLO SPSS User Table Lookup Format
TLP Microsoft TimeLine Project
TLQ Art Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
TLR Tableau Offline License Registration
TLS TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen Format
TLT Trellix Web Design
TLV TruLASER View Geometry Data
TLX Wintertree Dictionary Format
TLY Adobe Photoshop Elements Backup Catalog
TLZ Unix TLZ Compression Engine Format
TLZMA LZMA Compressed Tar Archive
TM TeXmacs Document
TM1 TimeWise
TM2 Playstation 2 TIM2 Bitmap Format
TM8 TMC Audio Format
TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document Format
TMBUNDLE TextMate Bundle Format
TMC Unknown File Extension
TMD TextMaker Document Format
TMDB TaskMerlin Database
TME Bryce Animation Time Curve Format
TMF Corel WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric
TMH Trace Message Header
TMI Thin Client Media-3 Encoded Video
TMK Turbo Pascal Tour
TMLANGUAGE TextMate Grammar Format
TMM TimeMap Metadata
TMO 3D Custom Girl Animation Format
TMP Temporary Format
TMPL SWISH-E Example Format
TMPREFERENCES TextMate Preference
TMPROJ TextMate Project Format
TMPROJECT TextMate Project
TMPRTF TimeMap Portable
TMQ TestMaster
TMR Apimac Timer Settings Format
TMS Timeless Time & Expense Multi-user Settings Format
TMTHEME TextMate Theme Format
TMV TextMaker Document Template Format
TMVT TimeMap Template
TMW Timeless Time & Expense Multi-user Security Format
TMX Translation Memory EXchange Format
TMZ Medigraph Compressed Database
TMZIP Theme Manager Zip Format
TN LG Encoded JPG Image Format
TN1 Tiny Bitmap Image Format
TN2 Tiny Bitmap Image Format
TN3 Tiny Bitmap Image Format
TN? TiNY 2D Graphic
TNA Topocad Net Adjustment
TNE Manga Studio Tone Format
TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNG Namo WebCanvas Vector Graphic
TNL Thumbnail Image Format
TNR GPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
TNS TI-Nspire Document
TNSP Texas Instruments TI-Nspire PublishView Document Format
TNT TurnTool 3D Model
TNX PCL Toolkit Text Extraction
TNY TiNY Bitmap Image
TOAST Roxio Toast Disk Image Format
TOB ZEMAX Object Data
TOC Table Of Contents Format
TOCF Eudora For Mac TOC
TOD JVC Everio Video Capture Format
TOE Touch Environment Project
TOF Mr. Photo Temporary Thumbnail
TOFP Toshiba Fingerprint Utility Settings Backup
TOH Infinity Engine Game
TOK Borland C++ 4.x External Tokens