Formatos de arquivos começando por S
A extensão do arquivo Nome inteiro do arquivo
S Source Code Format
S#+A RagTime 2
S00 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 1)
S01 Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
S02 Corel WordPerfect Distribution Format
S03 Corel WordPerfect Distribution
S04 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 5)
S05 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 6)
S06 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 7)
S07 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 8)
S08 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 9)
S09 Split Multi-volume ZipSplitter Compressed File Archive (part 10)
S10 Brasfoot Saved Game Format
S19 Motorola EEPROM Programming Format
S1J Sealed
S1P Touchstone 1 S-parameter Data
S2 Stranded II Map
S28 Genesis Or Sega32X ROM Image
S2A SEAL Program Format
S2D Agilent EEsof EDA S-parameter Data
S2E SWF To EXE Converter Project Format
S2K Subtitle
S2M Stronghold 2 Map Format
S2MA Starcraft 2 Map
S2MH StarCraft 2 Map Header Format
S2MI Starcraft 2 Cache
S2ML StarCraft 2 Map Localization Format
S2MV Starcraft 2 Map Preview Image
S2P Touchstone 4 S-parameters Data
S2QH StarCraft 2 Localisation Header Format
S2QL StarCraft 2 Unit Localisation Format
S2S Spike2 Script
S2T Scia2Tekla Plugin
S2Z S2Games Savage Game Format
S31 SmartWhois
S3D Philips 3D Solutions 3D Displays That Show 3D Content
S3DB MySQL Database
S3I ScreamTracker V3 Instrument Format
S3M Scream Tracker V3 Module
S3P Touchstone 9 S-parameters Data
S3T Scorched 3D Tankpack
S3Z Amiga And Pc Tracker Module Format
S43 IAR Assembly Source
S4E Airplay SDK Header
S4M SWAT 4 Map Format
S4P Touchstone 16 S-parameters Data
S57 International Hydrographic Organization Vector Image
S5X Heritage Of Kings: The Settlers Map Format
S6BN Word 6 For Mac Template
S7 Sibelius Music Notation
S7P SubSeven Trojan
S7Z 7-zip Compressed Format
S85 SABRE StaffPlan Chart Format
S8BN Word 98 For Mac Template
S98 NEC PC-98 Audio
SA1 Nintendo Game Boy Emulator Save Format
SA2 Suprise! Adlib Tracker Music Module
SA4 Delorme Street Atlas USA
SA5 SecretAgent Archive
SA7 Street Atlas Map Document
SA8 Street Atlas 8 Map Document
SA9 Hue And Cry Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Format
SAA SecretAgent Encrypted Archive
SAAS Sass Indented Syntax
SAB 3D ACIS Binary Format
SAB2 NVision 3D Scanner
SABL Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Audio Library
SABS Call Ot Duty: Black Ops II Sounds
SACRED2SAVE Sacred 2 Save Game
SAD Lucas Arts Sound Format
SAF Street Atlas USA Map Format
SAFARIEXTZ Apple Safari Extension Format
SAFE WM Keeper CLASSIC Purse File Backup
SAFETEXT Encrypted Text
SAH Seti@home Data
SAI PaintTool SAI Image
SAJ Sage 50 Folder
SAK Postal Game Archive
SAL SQL Application Language
SAM Ami Pro Document Format
SAM07 SAM 2007 Package Format
SAMBA3 Gnome Desktop
SAMI Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange Format Format
SAMRC SAM Default Parameters
SAN LucasArts Smush Animation Format
SAP Atari XL/XE Audio Format
SAR SAR Compressed Format Archive (SAPCAR Archive)
SAS SAS Source Code Format
SASS Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Indented Syntax
SAT 3D ACIS Model Format
SAV Saved Game Format
SAV2 SuperPower Save Game
SAVE Nano Temporary Saved Format
SAVEDDECK Nokia Saved Web Page Format
SAVEDSEARCH Spotlight Saved Search
SAVEDSTATE Virtual Router Saved State Format
SAVER Mac OS X Screen Saver
SAVE_MULTIPLAYER Total War Multiplayer Save
SAVF AS400Manager JAVA
SAW Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles
SAX Sedona Framework XML Application
SAY Saya Matrix Accounting Database
SAZ Fiddler Session Archive ZIP
SB Scratch Finished Product Format
SB1 MemoryMixer Album
SB7 SetupBuilder Project
SBA SpeedBalance Accounting Data
SBB Microsoft Office Accounting Company Backup Format
SBC Microsoft Office Accounting Company Shortcut Format
SBD Mozilla Mail Subdirectory Format
SBE Spybot Excludes
SBF Google Android Mobile Phone Backup Format
SBG SBaGen Binaural Beat Format
SBI Creative Labs SoundBlaster Instrument
SBK Creative Labs EMU SoundFont V1 Bank Format
SBL Arquitienda Graphic Symbol Library
SBML Systems Biology Markup Language Source
SBN ArcView Spatial Index For Read-write Shapefiles
SBO SAP Business One SDK Add-on Related
SBP OpenSBP CNC Program Format
SBPROJ OpenGL Shader Builder Project
SBQ Superbase Query Definition Format
SBR Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Source Browser Intermediate Format
SBRZ Sky Ebook Reader E-book
SBS Spybot Search And Destroy Includes Format
SBSC Adobe Soundbooth Score Document
SBST Adobe Soundbooth Score Template
SBSTORE Mozilla Firefox
SBT Suberbase Record Notes Format
SBU Samsung Kies Backup
SBV Superbase Form Definition Format
SBW US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard Format
SBX Adobe Illustrator Tsume Format
SBZ ShowBiz Project
SC Framework II Display Driver
SC1 SimCity
SC2 Sample Cell II PC/Mac Instrument Format
SC2000 Sim City 2000 Tileset
SC2ARCHIVE StarCraft 2 Archive Format
SC2ASSETS StarCraft 2 Game Assets Format
SC2BANK StarCraft 2 Bank Format
SC2DATA Starcraft 2 A.I. Game Format
SC2LOCALE StarCraft 2 Localization Format
SC2MA StarCraft 2 Map Data Format
SC2MAP StarCraft 2 Map Format
SC2MOD StarCraft 2 Game Mod Format
SC2REPLAY Starcraft 2 Game Replay Format
SC2SAVE StarCraft 2 Game Saved Format
SC2SCENE StarCraft 2 Cut Scene Format
SC3 Renamed DBASE III Screen Mask Format
SC4 Game File Format
SC45 SuperCard Project Format
SC4DESC SimCity 4 Description Format
SC4LOT SimCity 4 Lot Format
SC4MODEL SimCity 4 Model Format
SC5 Chris Sawyer Locomotion Scenario
SC6 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario Format
SC? ColoRix Bitmap Image
SCA Scala InfoChannel Script Format
SCACFG SuperCard Application Configuration Format
SCAD OpenSCAD CAD Model Format
SCALA Scala Source
SCAP EFI Firmware Format
SCAR SCAR Script Format
SCAT RealView Scatter-loading
SCB Command & Conquer World Builder Script Format
SCC Visual SourceSafe Control Format
SCD Scribus Document Format
SCDOC SpaceClaim 3D CAD
SCE SoftCuisine Data Exchange
SCEA Marathon 2 Aleph One Map Format
SCENE VCollab Scene Format
SCEXCLUDB Spring Cleaning Exclusions Format
SCF Windows Explorer Shell Command Format
SCG MyPM SCG Definition Format
SCH CAD Schematics Format
SCHDOC Altium Designer Schematic Capture Binary
SCHEMAS GConf Schema Definition Format
SCHEMATIC MCEdit Schematic Format
SCHEME Sothink Logo Maker Color Scheme
SCI Virtumonde / Vundo Trojan Infected Format
SCL Scala Scale
SCM StarCraft Campaign Map Format
SCMT GXS Application Integrator XML Constraint
SCN Game Scenario Format
SCO Game Score Format
SCONSCRIPT SCons SConscript Configuration
SCORE Learning Score
SCP ColoRix Bitmap Image
SCPCFG SuperCard Project Configuration Format
SCPRT Surfcam 3D Format
SCPT AppleScript Script Format
SCPTD AppleScript Script Bundle
SCQ SAS Sequential Access
SCR Microsoft Windows Screensaver Format
SCRATCH Scratch Finished Product Format
SCREENFLOW ScreenFlow Document
SCRESTORELOG Spring Cleaning Restore Log Format
SCRESULTS Spring Cleaning Results Format
SCRIPT Generic Script Format
SCRIPT EDITOR Apple Mac OS X AppleScript Script
SCRIPTSUITE AppleScript Script Suite Format
SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY AppleScript Script Terminology Format
SCRIV Literature & Latte Scrivener Document Format
SCRIVX Literature & Latte Scrivener Document Format
SCRO Amira Script Object
SCS SimCity Societies Saved Game Format
SCS11 Show Cue System Cue Format
SCSPACK SimCity Societies Transfer Package
SCSS Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Syntax
SCT Microsoft Windows Script Component Format
SCU ColoRix Bitmap Image
SCUT2 Sure Cuts A Lot
SCV ScanVec CASmate Sign Format
SCVINFO Windows Communication Foundation WCF Metadata
SCW Movie Magic Screenwriter Document Format
SCX ColoRix Bitmap Image
SCY ReaGeniX Security
SCZ Wingz Script Format
SD Audio Format
SD0 Dali Raw Image
SD1 Dali Raw Image
SD2 Sound Designer 2 Format
SD2F Sound Designer 2 Format
SD3 Hy-Tek Meet Manager Database Related
SD4 Smart Diary Suite Database
SD7 Spring RTS Engine Data Format
SDA StarOffice Drawing Format
SDAT Nintendo DS Sound Data Format
SDB OpenOffice Base Database Format
SDBN Microsoft Word 4/5 For Mac Template
SDBZ Symantec Support Tool Information
SDC Spreadsheet Format
SDD Impress Presentation Format
SDE Drumbeat Exported Data
SDEF AppleScript Dictionary Scripting Definition
SDEXP Creo Elements/Direct Model
SDF SQL Server Compact Edition Database Format
SDFA Exocad 3D
SDG StarOffice Gallery Image Format
SDI System Deployment Image Format
SDIF Sound Description Interchange Format
SDII Sound Designer 2 Audio Format
SDINSTALL Speckie Dictionary Format
SDIR Apple Logic Space Designer Impulse Response
SDIRPROJ Apple Impulse Response Utility Project
SDK Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDKMESH Microsoft DirectX Vertex Mesh
SDL Corel Paradox Script Format
SDLPROFILE TRADOS Exported User Settings
SDLTM SDL Trados Studio
SDLXLIFF SDL Trados Studio Format
SDM StarOffice Mail Format
SDMDOCUMENT Microsoft SDM Document
SDN Smart Diary Suite Ingredients Format
SDNF Steel Detailing Neutral Format
SDO Signed Document
SDOC Microsoft Word Sealed Document Format
SDP Presentation Format
SDPC Cocreate SolidDesigner Data
SDPX Kodak Cineon Image Format
SDQ SAS Data Format
SDR SmartDraw Drawing Format
SDR2 H.264 MICRO DVR Camera Movie
SDS Chart Format
SDSK SafeHouse Private Storage Volume Format
SDT SmartDraw Template Format
SDV Pinnacle Studio DV Video Editing Project
SDW Text Document Format
SDX Sample Sound Format
SDY StarMoney
SDZ Spring RTS Engine Data Format
SE SEwin Project
SE1 CT Summation IBlaze Database
SEA StuffIt Expander Archive Format
SEAM Seam Framework Java Servlet Format
SEARCH-MS Microsoft Windows Index Search Data Format
SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS Microsoft Windows Search Connector Description Format
SEC Pretty Good Privacy Secret Key Ring Format
SECSTORE Adobe Secstore
SECURE Septium Secured Document
SECURITY Javasoft Jre 1.3 Lib Security
SECURITYSETTINGS Alpha Five Security Settings
SED Self Extracting Directive Format
SEDPRJ Ashampoo Slideshow Studio Project Format
SEED Linux Preseed Format
SEEK Word List Expert Seek List
SEESTYLE Coda For Mac Style Sheet Format
SEF Steganos Encrypted Format
SEG Eragon Audio Format
SEG1 StuffIt Segment
SEG2 Stuffit Mac File Type
SEG3 StuffIt Segment
SEGN StuffIt Segment
SEGY SEG-Y Geophysical Data
SEL Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Selection Format
SEM Alpha Five Set Objects
SEMAN Xtext Semantics
SEN Scifer Archiver Internal Archive Format
SEO SEO Note Format
SEP ChemSep Separation Case Format
SEPLUGIN Apple Mac OS X AppleScript Editor Plugin Format
SEQ Power Tracks Pro Music Sequencer Format
SEQU Adobe Acrobat Sequence Format
SEQUENCEDIAGRAM Microsoft Visual Studio Sequence Diagram
SER GeneMapper Project Format
SERVER Bonobo Activation API
SERVERDEF Server Definition
SERVICE Mac OS X Service Application
SES Adobe Audition Session Format
SESSION CATIA V4 Session Format
SESX Adobe Audition Audio Session Format
SET Microsoft Backup File Set
SETTINGCONTENT-MS Microsoft Windows 8.1 Configuration
SETTINGS Microsoft Visual Studio Settings Format
SETUP CryENGINE Character Format
SEV SevenUp Picture
SEW Janome Sewing Machine Stitch Format
SEX Alpha Five Set Index
SF IRCAM / MTU SoundFile Format
SF0 Windows Sytem Check
SF2 Creative Labs SoundFont 2.0 Bank Format
SF7 Sega SF-7000 ROM
SFA Sony Sound Forge
SFAP0 Sony Sound Forge Proxy Format
SFAR Mass Effect 3 DLC Add-on Format
SFARK Melody Machine Compressed SoundFont
SFB Sony Playstation 3 Game Disc Description Format
SFC Nintendo SNES9x ROM Format
SFCACHE ReadyBoost Cache Format
SFD SoundStage Sound Data Format
SFF Structured Fax Format Image Format
SFI Corel Ventura Publisher HP LaserJet Printer Font
SFIL Macintosh System Sound
SFK Sound Forge Audio Peak Format
SFL Sony Sound Forge Sound Data Format
SFM Dart PRO Soundtree Structure
SFO CuteFTP Search Format
SFP Soft Font Printer Format
SFPACK SFPack Compressed Soundfont Format
SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource
SFS Squashfs Format
SFT Microsoft App-V Sequencer Format
SFV Simple File Verification Checksum Format
SFVIDCAP Sony Vegas Video Capture Format
SFW Seattle Film Works Graphics Format
SFX Self-extracting Compressed Archive Format
SFZ SoundFont Compressed Audio
SG SnapGraphix User
SG2 Band-in-a-Box Audio
SG3 ChessDB Game
SG4 Band-in-a-Box Song
SGA Relic Entertainment SGA Archive Format
SGAA Aleph One Marathon 2 Save Game Format
SGB Warhammer 40K Dawn Of War Map Format
SGCPO Case CATalyst
SGD SameGame Data
SGF StarOffice Document With Graphics
SGH Guitar Hero 3 Setlist Settings
SGI Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap Image
SGL Master Document
SGM Visual Boy Advance Saved State Format
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language Format
SGN Sierra Print Artist Sign Format
SGNGL Case CATalyst
SGO ECU Update
SGP STATGRAPHICS Plus Statistics Format
SGR SGR Genome Data Format
SGSTN Case CATalyst
SGT Microsoft DirectMusic Producer Segments Format
SGU Band-in-a-Box MIDI
SGV StarOffice StarDraw 2.0 Picture Image
SGW N-Track Studio Packed Song
SGX IBM Rational XDE
SGZ Sigza’s SigzaLock Encrypted Format
SH Unix Bourne Shell (Bash) Format
SH2 Stronghold 2 Saved Game Format
SH3 Harvard Graphics 3.0 Presentation
SH3D Sweet Home 3D Design Format
SH3F Sweet Home 3D Model Library Format
SHA Unix SHAR Archive
SHA1 SHA-1 Hash Text Format
SHA256 FileVerifier++ SHA-256 Hashes Format
SHA512 SHA512 Hash Text Format
SHADER Quake 3 Arena Id Tech 3 Game Engine Shader Format
SHADERCACHE Space Marine Shader Cache
SHADERLIB Stronghold 3 Shader
SHADOW FontTwister Shadow
SHAPE Dia Diagram Editor Shape
SHAR Unix Self Extracting Bourne Shell Archive Format
SHB Microsoft Windows Shortcut Into A Document
SHC Adobe Photoshop Contours
SHD Microsoft Windows Shadow Spooler Format
SHDC ArmA: Armed Assault
SHE Medusa 2D CAD
SHEET Dia Sheet
SHF Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Share
SHFT Shift Work Calendar
SHG Segmented Hypergraphics Bitmap Format
SHH Adobe Photoshop Shadow Or Highlight Settings Format
SHIPSECTION Sword Of The Stars Ship Data
SHIT Bourne Shell Server Page
SHK ShrinkIt Compressed Apple II File Archive
SHLB Mozilla
SHM Corel WordPerfect Shell Macro Library
SHMAP Stronghold 3 Map
SHN Shorten Compressed Audio Format
SHO Show Pro Show Flow
SHORTCUT Asutype Shortcut Format
SHOW Hancom Office Hanshow Presentation Format
SHP ESRI ArcView Shape Format
SHPA Marathon 2 Aleph One Shape Format
SHR Unix Shell Archive Format
SHS Microsoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard Format
SHSH Apple IPhone ECID SHSH Format
SHT HTML Server Side Include Format
SHTM HTML Server Side Include Format
SHTML HTML Server Side Include Format
SHV Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 Sewing Machine Embroidery Design Format
SHW Corel Presentations Slide Show
SHX AutoCAD Shape Compiled Format
SHY ShyFile Encrypted Format
SI AutoDesk Softimage Image Format
SIA Silo 3D Model
SIB Sibelius Music Notation Format
SIC Quicken 2002 Order
SID LizardTech MrSID Image File Format
SIDB ITunes Authorization Data Format
SIDD ITunes Authorization Data Format
SIDN Apple ITunes Authorization Data
SIDX SharpMap Spatial Index Format
SIF Microsoft Windows NT Setup Installation Format
SIG Microsoft Office OneNote Signature Format
SIGN GNU Privacy Guard
SIGNED Apple Safari
SIK Microsoft Word Backup
SIL SmartInspect Log
SILK Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link Format
SILO VisIt Hydrodynamical Numerical Simulation Data
SIM Intel VTune Performance Monitor Format
SIM3 The Sims 3
SIMG Synclavier Disk Image Format
SIMPLE Simple Compiler Source Code
SIMS2PACK The Sims 2 Package Format
SIMS2SKIN Sims 2 Skin
SIMS3 The Sims 3 Save
SIMS3PACK The Sims 3 Game Package Format
SIN SiN Game
SINF Apple IOS Digital Rights Management
SIP Scopetrax Compressed Sample
SIR Bitmap
SIS Symbian Installation Format
SISDM Nokia Ovi Store Protected Program Format
SISX Symbian OS Program Installation Executable Format
SISXDM Nokia Ovi Store Protected Program Format
SIT StuffIt Expander Archive Format
SIT! StuffIt Expander Archive Format
SIT5 StuffIt 5 Archive Format
SITD StuffIt Archive
SITE Adobe GoLive Site Specific Format
SITES Apple IWeb Domain Format
SITES2 Apple IWeb Domain Format
SITHQX StuffIt Compressed Archive
SITL StuffIt Library
SITO StuffIt Translator
SITX StuffIt Archive Format
SIV Silicon Imaging Video Format
SIZ Oracle 7 Configuration
SJAVA Synchronous Java Source Code Format
SJC Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller Definition
SJD Scrapbook Factory Deluxe Saved Journal Format
SJS Simcity 3000 Buildings Add-on
SJ_ SuperJAM Audio
SK Safari Saved Browsing History Format
SK1 SK1 Vector Drawing Format
SK2 ACD/ChemSketch Drawing Format
SKA Happy99 Virus
SKB SketchUp Backup Format
SKC SideKick For Windows Database Format
SKCARD Starfish Sidekick Card Format
SKD Autodesk Autosketch Drawing Database
SKE Battlefield Skeleton
SKETCH Sketch Drawing
SKF Autodesk AutoSKETCH Thumbnail Format
SKG Skrooge Data
SKI Motorola Mobile Phone Skin Format
SKIM Skim Notes Format
SKIN Skin Format
SKINDEX Apple Mail Index Format
SKINNEDMESH Battlefield Skinned Mesh
SKITCH Skitch Graphics Format
SKK SmartSketch Drawing
SKL Adobe Authorware Resource Format
SKM SketchUp Materials Format
SKN Skin Format
SKO Sage Accounting Executable
SKP SketchUp Graphic File Format
SKR PGP Pretty Good Privacy Private Keyring Format
SKS Show.kit Template
SKSE The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Script Extender Data
SKUDEF Command & Conquer Archive Description Package
SKV Semicolon Separated Values Format
SKX XLANG Schedule Format
SKY Microsoft Multiplan SYLK Spreadsheet
SKYPECHATSTYLE Skype Chat Style Format
SKYPEEMOTICONSET Skype Emoticon Set Format
SKZ SuperKaramba Theme Format
SL Unix Software License Format
SL00 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL01 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL02 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL03 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL05 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL06 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL07 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL08 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL09 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL10 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL11 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL12 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL13 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL14 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL15 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL16 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL17 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL18 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL19 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL20 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL21 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL23 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL24 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL25 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL26 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL27 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL28 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL29 HLSW Game Server Tool
SL30 HLSW Game Server Tool
SLA Scribus Document Format
SLAGZ Scribus Compressed Document
SLACKBUILD Slackware Linux Script
SLB PSpice Symbols Library Format
SLC 3D Systems SLiCe Format
SLD Autodesk AutoCAD Slide Format
SLD3 Microsoft PowerPoint 3/4 For Mac Slide
SLD8 Microsoft PowerPoint 98 For Mac Slide
SLDASM SolidWorks Assembly Format
SLDBLK SolidWorks Blocks
SLDBOMBT SolidWorks BOM Template
SLDCLR SolidWorks Colour Palette
SLDDRT SolidWorks General Table Template Format
SLDDRW SolidWorks Drawing Format
SLDDWG SolidWorks Drawing 2D Vector Graphics
SLDGTOLFVT SolidWorks Geometric Tolerance Style
SLDHOLTBT SolidWorks Hole Table Template
SLDLFP SolidWorks Library Part
SLDM Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Slide
SLDMAT SolidWorks Material Database
SLDPRT SolidWorks Part Format
SLDREG SolidWorks Settings
SLDREVTBT SolidWorks Revision Table Template
SLDS Microsoft PowerPoint 2 For Mac Slide
SLDSFFVT SolidWorks Surface Finish Style
SLDSTD SolidWorks Drafting Standard
SLDTBT SolidWorks General Table Template
SLDTM SDL Translation Memory Format
SLDWELDFVT SolidWorks Weld Style
SLDWLDTBT SolidWorks Weldment Cutlist Template
SLDX Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Slide
SLE Sisulizer Exchange Format
SLF Symantec License Format
SLG Chromeleon Audit Trail
SLI ENVI Spectral Library
SLIB Synopsys Interface Timing Specification Model
SLIDESAVER Mac OS X Screensaver
SLIFE Slife Database
SLIM Slim Script
SLIP CodeGear Licence
SLK Microsoft Symbolic Link Format
SLL Static Link Library
SLM Second Life Mesh Asset
SLN Microsoft Visual Studio Solution Format
SLNK SAP Business All-in-One Extension
SLO RenderMan Compiled
SLOGO StarLogo Programming Project Format
SLOGT StarLogo Template Format
SLP SpectraLayers Pro Audio Project Format
SLR ArcSWAT Solar Radiation Input
SLS Image Playlist Format
SLS3 Microsoft Excel 3 For Mac Template
SLS4 Microsoft Excel 4 For Mac Template
SLS5 Microsoft Excel 5 For Mac Template
SLS8 Microsoft Excel 98 For Mac Template
SLST Game Data Format
SLT Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird User Profile Folder Format
SLTNG StarLogo TNG Project Format
SLUPKG-MS XrML Digital License Package
SLV Silva Import And Export
SLW Settler LITE Data
SLX SpectraLayers Pro Audio Project Format
SLY Lilypond Guitar
SLZ Adobe RoboHelp Screen Layout
SM ScriptMaker Script Format
SM2 RHK Technology Proprietary
SM3 DataCAD Symbol
SM4 RHK Technology Proprietary
SMA AMX Mod Plugin Source Format
SMAF SMAF Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format
SMALI Google Android Smali Assembly Language Developer Format
SMB Autodesk Symbol Library
SMBP Mobipocket EBook Secured Auxiliary
SMC Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image
SMCL Stata Log
SMD Sega Genesis ROM Emulator Format
SMDL SQL Server Updated Model
SME SmartEncryptor Encrypted Archive
SMF Standard MIDI File Format
SMH Sealed MHT Document
SMHT Sealed MHT Archive
SMI Microsoft SAMI Subtitles Format
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language Format
SMK RAD Video Tools Smacker Compressed Video
SML SMIL Slideshow Presentation
SMM Samsung Galaxy S Memo Exported Format
SMO Sumotori Dreams Level Format
SMOL Spartan Molecule Data
SMP Autodesk Sampled Station List Format
SMPAK SuperMemo UX
SMPD Sc2gears Mouse Print Data Format
SMPF Sprite Monkey Project
SMPO Scalado SpeedView Meta Object
SMPRF System Mechanic Microsoft Windows Startup Profile
SMPX Finale Accompaniment
SMR Smedge2 Job Settings
SMRD Adobe InDesign Format
SMS Sony Ericsson Exported SMS Format
SMST Adobe Soundbooth Music Score Toolkit
SMT Samsung Mobile Phone Theme Format
SMTMP Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef Folder
SMV VideoLink Saved Mail Video
SMW SIMPL Windows Source
SMWT Adobe InDesign Filter Format
SMX Rational XDE
SMZ IBM SPSS Graphboard Template Chooser Shape Format Format
SMZIP StepMania Package Format
SN Sound Club Editor Compressed Song
SN1 Drive Snapshot First Differential Backup Format
SN2 Drive SnapShot Partial Disk Image Format
SN4 Drive SnapShot Partial Disk Image
SNA ZX80 Spectrum Mirage Emulator Snapshot Format
SNAG SnagIt Capture Format
SNAGPROJ SnagIt Project Format
SNAP ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot
SNAPDOC Ashampoo Snap
SNAPFIREPROJECT Corel Snapfire Project
SNAPFIRESHOW Corel Snapfire Show Format
SNAPSHOT ZX Spectrum Emulator Mirage Microdrive Snapshot Format
SNAPX Snapform XML Form
SNB Shanda Bambook EBook
SNC ACT! E-mail/folder Synchronization
SND Sound Format
SNDA Marathon 2 Aleph One Sound Format
SNDCLIPPING Apple Mac OS X Finder Sound Clip
SNDH Atari ST Audio
SNDR Sounder Sound
SNDT Sndtool Sound
SNF Starry Night Document
SNG Song Format
SNGW Devil May Cry 4 Audio
SNI MDK Game Archive
SNIPPET Microsoft Visual Studio Code Snippet Format
SNK Microsoft Visual Studio Strong Name Key Format
SNM Netscape Communicator E-Mail Or News Messages Index Format
SNP Microsoft Access Report Shapshot Format
SNR Mail.Dat Seed Name
SNS Save-N-Sync Backup Project Format
SNSF SNES Audio Format
SNT Microsoft Windows Sticky Notes Data Format
SNU AVG Anti-Virus
SNW Sweave Source
SNX Starcraft Saved Game
SO ELF Shared Library Format
SO-ABI AbiWord Plug-in Format
SO0 Unix Shared Library Format
SOA Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software Data
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol Message (SOAP) Message
SOB Impress Bimap Styles Format
SOC Colour Palettes And Various Style Elements
SOCIALPHONEBOOK Sony Xperia Google Android Contact
SOD Wolfenstein 3D Spear Of Destiny Game Data
SOE Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire
SOF Quartus II SRAM Object
SOI MENSI (Trimble) 3D Laser Enhanced 3D Scanner
SOL Adobe Flash Shared Object Format
SOLIDCONFIG STAR WARS: The Old Republic Launcher Config
SOLITAIRESAVE-MS Windows Solitaire Saved Game Format
SOM Corel Paradox Sort Information
SON Notator SL Audio
SONG System 7 Sound
SONIC SonicArranger Audio Format
SOPT Synclavier Optical Disk Image Format
SOR Corel Paradox Sort Definition
SOS Dynamite VSP Swept Object Style
SOU Lucas Arts Sound Format
SOUNDPACK Stardock SoundPackager Sound Package Format
SOUNDS Quake 3 Id Tech 3 Sound Definition Format
SOUNDSCRIPT Rigs Of Rods Sound Script Description
SOV 3DCS Advanced Analyzer/Optimizer SOVA Model
SOW Renamed ARJ Archive Format
SOX Unix Sox Native Raw Sound
SP SPICE Data Format
SP1 Microsoft Windows XP With Service Pack 1 Installation
SP2 Super Ball 2 Level Format
SP3 Microsoft Windows XP With Service Pack 3 Installation Format
SP4 Roller Coaster Tycoon Saved Game
SP45 SuperCard Player Format
SP7 SAS Permanent Utility
SP? LoseThos C+ Source
SPA FutureSplash Movie (Adobe Flash)
SPAR Spartan Chemical Modeller Output
SPARC Skype Extra Plug-in Format
SPARSEBUNDLE Apple Mac OS X Time Machine Dynamic Image Format
SPARSEIMAGE Apple MAC OS X Sparse Disk Image Format
SPB Samsung Kies Phone Contacts Library
SPC Atari Compressed Spectrum Bitmap Format
SPD Bitstream Speedo Scalable Font
SPDATA Microsoft Visual Studio
SPDB IGO Primo Speedcam Database
SPDESIGNASAX SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNASMX SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNBAR SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNBOT SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNCONFIG SharePoint Designer Configuration
SPDESIGNCSS SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNDOCLIB SharePoint Designer Design Library
SPDESIGNFILE SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNHOMEOP SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNHOMEPG SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNHTML SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNHTT SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNLIST SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNMASTER SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNNAV SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNNOPUB SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNOPEN SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNPICLIB SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNRESX SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNSITEMAP SharePoint Designer Site Map
SPDESIGNSKIN SharePoint Designer Skin
SPDESIGNSURVEY SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNTHEME SharePoint Designer Theme
SPDESIGNTXT SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNWEB SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNXML SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNXOML SharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNXSLT SharePoint Designer
SPDF Sealed PDF Document Format
SPE WinSpec CCD Capture Format
SPEC RPM Specification Format
SPENTRY Spartan Database
SPF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPFX Squeeze Preset Format
SPG TCP Optimizer Saved Settings Format
SPH Ribbons Sphere Format
SPI ShadowProtect Incremental Disk Changes Format
SPIDERSOLITAIRESAVE-MS Microsoft Spider Solitaire Save Format
SPIFF SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPIN Apple Mac OS X Console Spin Report
SPINPUT Spartan Job
SPJ Microsoft ICE Panorama Project
SPK SpyProof! Encrypted Symmetric Key Format
SPKZ Scribe Template
SPL Microsoft Windows Printing Spool Format
SPL7 SPlan Data
SPLSP SmartPLS Project
SPLT YDecode Split
SPLX Code Package
SPM Corel WordPerfect
SPMO SpeedView Meta Object
SPN Corel WordPerfect Distribution
SPO SPSS Output Document Format
SPP Serif PhotoPlus Format
SPPACK SPPack Sound Sample
SPPT Sealed Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
SPQ SPSS Database Query Format
SPR Microsoft FoxPro Form Source Format
SPREPORTER Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
SPRG Synclavier Program Format
SPRITE SuperTux Sprite Format
SPRJ Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer Project
SPRX Sony Playstation 3 SPRX Firmware
SPS SPSS Proprietary Syntax Format
SPT SpeedTree Tree Data Format
SPU Atari Spectrum Bitmap Image Format
SPUB BeLight Disc Cover Format
SPV American McGee Alice Saved Game Format
SPW SLIM-Master Plan Workbook
SPX Ogg Vorbis Speex Format
SPY SEO SpyGlass Project
SQ Sysquake Program Format
SQB SQL Backup Compact MS SQL Server Backup Format
SQD Sysquake Session Data Format
SQF Sothink SWF Quicker Project Format
SQFS SquashFS Bootable Format
SQH Harbinger Game
SQL Structured Query Language Data SQL Format
SQLITE SQLite Database Format
SQLITE-JOURNAL Mozilla Firefox
SQLITE-SHM SQLite Shared Memory
SQLITE-WAL SQLite Quasi-persistent
SQLITE3 SQLite 3 Database Format
SQLITEDB SQLite Database Format
SQLITEDB-SHM SQLite Database Shared Memory
SQLJET Eclipse JET SQL Template
SQLPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio SQL Server Project Format
SQM Microsoft Service Quality Monitoring Format
SQN SAS Sequential Access
SQR SQL Structured Query Language Program Format
SQS Operation Flashpoint Game Script
SQU LabWindows/CVI Test Executive Toolkit Sequence
SQUASHFS Squashfs-tools Disk Image Format
SQX SQX Archiver Compressed Archive Format
SQY Xaira Query
SQZ Squeeze Project Format
SR Sun Raster Bitmap Graphics Format
SR0 Sony SecuROM Analysis Format
SR2 Sony Digital Camera RAW Image Format
SR4 SIR Database
SRA Powerbuilder Application
SRC Generally Source Code Format
SRCRPM Red Hat Package Manager Source Format
SRD PowerBuilder Data Window
SRE Windows CE 5.0
SREP SuperREP Archive Format
SRF Sony Digital Camera RAW Image Format
SRFMAP Terragen Map
SRG Microsoft PowerPoint Self-registration Data Format
SRI Dragon NaturallySpeaking Audio
SRJ PowerBuilder Project
SRK Sub Rosa Client Format
SRL Arquitienda Local Database
SRM Super Nintendo ROM Saved Game Emulator Format
SRP Checkpoint Exported VPN Client Information
SRPM Linux Source RPM Package
SRQ Microsoft Windows Server Unprocessed Request
SRR ReScene Data Recovery Archive Format
SRS Microsoft Outlook Server Request Setting Format
SRT SubRip Video Subtitle Format
SRT0 Nintendo Wii Animation Format
SRU PowerBuilder User Object
SRV FBB Initialization
SRW Samsung Raw Picture Image Format
SRX SPARQL Query Results XML Format Result
SRZ DataFlex Source
SS Scheme Source Code Format
SS0 GameBoid First Saving Slot
SS4 SigScribe4 Design
SSA SubStation Alpha Subtitle Format
SSAGE Inbound Internet Email Message
SSB SmartSync Pro Program Setting
SSC SourceSafe Status Format
SSCS Saropa Smart Copy Script
SSD Stardock WindowBlinds Skin File List
SSD01 Unix SAS Data Sets
SSDL Sonicfire Pro Music
SSE StrataSearch
SSEQ Nintendo DS Sound Format
SSF Trimble Standard Storage Format
SSFSAV Super Smash Flash Saved Game Format
SSG Single-Step Goal Template
SSH Data Fellows Secure Shell Document
SSI HTML With Server Side Includes
SSIF Blu-ray Stereoscopic Interleaved Movie
SSII ProReveal Data Format
SSIS ProReveal Settings Format
SSISDEPLOYMENTMANIFEST Microsoft Visual Studio Deployment
SSIW Corel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
SSKD On Schedule Schedule
SSL Sunlight ScanLibrary Format
SSL2 Sunlite Suite 2 ScanLibrary Settings Format
SSLF HLSW Game Server Tool Format
SSM RealAudio Standard Streaming Metafile
SSML Speech Synthesis Markup Language Source
SSMSSQLPROJ Microsoft SQL Server Project
SSN Shutdown Scheduler Shared Notes Data
SSND Synclavier Sound Format
SSO ChessDB Search Options
SSP SAS Transport Data Format
SSS WindowBlinds Substyle Format
SSS~ WindowBlinds Temporary
SST Serialized Certificate Store Format
SSU Systems Management Server Hierarchy Manager Site Update
SSV ShadowFlare Saved Game Format
SSW Sealed Flash Format
SSWF Sealed SWF Flash
SSX IBM Rational XDE
SSY W32/Sober-AD
SSZ Spider Player Skin
ST Atari Disk Image Format
ST0 SPICE Status
ST1 SPICE Status
ST2 SPICE Status
ST3 SPICE Status
ST4 Pinnacle Studio 400 Project
ST45 SuperCard Trial Project Format
ST5 SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
ST6 SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
ST7 SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Image
ST8 SBIG CCD Camera ST-x Photo
ST9 SPICE Status
STA Abaqus/CAE Information Summary Format
STAP Apple Soundtrack Pro Project Format
STARTUPINFO E-Prime 2.0 Startup Info Format
STAT Statistics
STATE Windows Photo Gallery User
STATES IconX Preset
STATICMESH Battlefield Static Mesh
STATS FreeSurfer Statistics Format
STATUS UDraw(Graph)
STB AutoCAD R2000 Plot Style Table
STC Calc Spreadsheet Template Format
STD Adobe Acrobat Exchange Plug-in Format
STDL Swift To-Do List Database
STE Adobe Dreamweaver Backup Site Settings Format
STEAMSTART Valve Steam Start Format
STEP ISO-10303 STEP Product Data
STF Microsoft ACME Setup Table Format
STFX SampleTank Settings
STG Microsoft ActiveSync Backup Format
STH Lotus Domino Stash Format
STI StarOffice Presentation Template Format
STIP SampleTank Instrument Preset
STK Personal Stock Monitor Format
STL Stereolithography Format
STM HTML Server Side Include Format
STMB Synclavier Timbre Format
STML HTML Server Side Include Format
STMP Apple Soundtrack Pro Project
STN ArcView Geocoding Standardization
STN= Genuine Fractals STING
STO PRO100 Project Format
STORY Storyist Document
STORYBOARD Interface Builder Storyboard Document
STORYISTTHEME Storyist Application Theme Format
STORYMILL StoryMill Project Format
STOT Mac OS Help Index
STP ISO-10303 STEP Product Data Format
STPROJ Samsung Theme Designer Project Format
STQ StatSoft Statistica Text
STR DBase Structure List Object Format
STRD Octatrack Project
STREAMED Rage Id Tech 5 Game Language
STRG E-Viewer Recorded Video Copy Backup
STRINGS Text Strings Format
STRK Geologger Track Format
STRM Plex Media Server Settings
STRUCT Microsoft XPS Document Structure
STS ScreamTracker Song Format
STSG SuperTux Saved Game
STT Microsoft Streets & Trips Map Template Format
STTPL Samsung Theme Designer Template Format
STU Pinnacle Studio Video Project Format
STUB Mac OS X Stub Library
STUFF Eve Online Game Archive
STVPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio
STW Text Document Template
STWM SuperTux Map Format
STX Pinnacle Studio Project Format
STXT Sealed Text Document
STY LaTeX Style Format
STYK Stykz Stick Figure Format
STYKZ Stykz Animation Format
STYL Stylus CSS Script
STYLE SketchUp Style Format
STYLES Steam Client GUI Resource
STZ Screamtracker 2 Module Format
SU SUwin Project
SU3 Su3De
SU? Standard Mail Archive
SUA SeeYou Airspace
SUB DivX Movie Subtitle File Format
SUBLIME-BUILD Sublime Text Build
SUBLIME-COMPLETIONS Sublime Text Completions
SUBLIME-KEYMAP Sublime Text Keymap
SUBLIME-MENU Sublime Text Menu
SUBLIME-MOUSEMAP Subliem Text Mousemap
SUBLIME-PACKAGE Sublime Text Compressed Extension Package
SUBLIME-PROJECT Sublime Text Project Format
SUBLIME-SESSION Sublime Text Session
SUBLIME-SETTINGS Sublime Text Settings
SUBLIME-THEME Sublime Text Theme
SUBLIME-WORKSPACE Sublime Text Workspace Settings Format
SUC Softrans Hello Engines! 2.1
SUCATALOG Apple Mac OS X Software Update SUCatalog
SUCK SiteSucker Website Format
SUD WISCO Word Power Sudoku Number Puzzle Format
SUF Ccrypt Encrypted Format
SUGAR Espresso Plug-in Format
SUI StarSplatter User Interface Format
SUIT Apple Mac OS Font Format
SUITE Stardock WinStyles Suite
SUL Gfa Raytrace Image
SUM Summary Format
SUMO Sumo Paint Image Format
SUN Sun Raster Bitmap Image Format
SUN4 SunOS Solaris 4
SUNIFF Sun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
SUO Microsoft Visual Studio Solution User Options Format
SUP Subtitle Bitmap Format
SUPP Apple IOS Format
SUR Freelancer Three Dimensional Collision Zone Data
SURF Surf 3D Scanner
SURFPLACE Microsoft Money User Profile
SUS Synergy Accounts Update Script
SUT ELITEpro Data Logger
SV$ AutoCAD Autosave Format
SV1 RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SV2 RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SV2I Symantec Backup Exec System Index Format
SV4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SV4CPIO System V Release 4 CPIO Archive
SV4CRC GnuWin32 CPIO Checksum Data
SV5 BigJig Saved Puzzle Format
SV6 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Saved Game Format
SV8 RollerCoaster Tycoon
SVA Sharp Manga Browser Comic Format
SVC Microsoft Visual Studio ASP.NET WCF Web Service Format
SVCLOG Microsoft Visual Studio Diagnostics
SVCMAP Windows Communication Foundation WCF Reference
SVD Microsoft Word Document Autosave Format
SVE Simutrans Format
SVF Simple Vector Format
SVG XML Based Vector Graphics Format
SVGZ Compressed SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Format
SVH Fly! Simulated Vehicle Specification
SVI Samsung Video Format
SVL Scramdisk Volume
SVM StarView Metafile
SVN Personal Paint Slovenian Language User Interface
SVN-BASE Apache Subversion Base Format
SVN-WORK CollabNet Subversion Cache Format
SVP Virtual DJ Visualization Effects
SVQ Roland Keyboard Midi Sequence
SVR Compressed Virtual World
SVS Microsoft Word Style Sheet Autosave Format
SVT Torchlight Saved Game Format
SVW SpecView Format
SVX Sound File (Amiga 8SVX Format)
SVZ Savez
SW 16-bit Audio Sound Raw Signed PCM Data Format
SW0 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW1 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW2 SPICE Sweep Operations Output Format
SW3 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW4 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW5 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW6 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW7 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW8 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SW9 SPICE Sweep Operations Output
SWA Adobe Shockwave Music Format
SWAV Nintendo DS Audio Format
SWB Adobe Photoshop
SWC Adobe Flash Component Distribution Format
SWD Adobe Flash Debug Format
SWDB ClarisWorks 3 And 4 Database
SWE NHL Ice Hockey 2002 Required
SWEB SpiderWEB Document
SWF ShockWave Flash, Animated Vector Format For The Internet
SWF2 Flash
SWFL Shockwave Flash
SWG SWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
SWGR ClarisWorks Version 3/4 Drawing
SWI SWiSH Format
SWIDTAG Software Identification Tag
SWIFT Apple Swift Programming Language Source Code
SWITCH Egress Switch Package Format
SWITCHBOARD Adobe SwitchBoard Server
SWJ SolidWorks Journal Format
SWK StudyWorks Save Format
SWL Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
SWLT SafeWallet
SWM Windows Imaging Format Split Archive Format
SWN Vim Temporary
SWO Vim Temporary
SWP Swap Format
SWQ SWAT Stream Water Quality Input
SWS SWiSh Studio
SWSS ClarisWork Spreadsheet
SWT Swift Generator Template Format
SWTAG Adobe Creative Suite Software Tag
SWV Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice Settings Format
SWW ANNO Saved Game Format
SWZ Adobe Flash Player Signed RSL Format
SX SimplexNumerica Data Format
SXC 1.0 Spreadsheet Format
SXD OpenOffice/StarOffice Drawing
SXE ProfiCAD Document
SXG Master Document Format
SXI Presentation Format
SXL Sealed Excel Worksheet
SXLS Sealed Excel Spreadsheet
SXLSX Sealed Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet
SXM 1.0 Math Format
SXML Sealed XML Document
SXS SAS Stat Studio Module Source Code
SXT Propellerheads Reason 2 NN-XT Sound Format
SXV Action Repeater Macro
SXW Writer Document Format
SXX SAS Stat Studio Module Executable
SY Simplexety Data Format
SY0 WordExpress
SY1 Synth 1 Patch
SY3 Harvard Graphics Symbol Format
SY7 Synchro Studio 7 Output
SYB Syberia II Game Archive Format
SYC Sniffer Capture
SYH Synchomatic Instrument Format
SYK Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link Format
SYLK Microsoft Excel For Mac Symbolic Link Format
SYM Symbols Library Format
SYN Synthesis Audio Format
SYNC Apple ColorSync
SYNCDB ITunes Saved Contact Database
SYNDARTICLE Paralllels Desktop
SYNK5LICENCE Synk 5 Licence
SYNU Synthetic Universe Image Format
SYP SYP Source
SYS System Format
SYS-OLD Cygwin Terminfo
SYSK Cygwin Terminfo
SYSTEM Vega Strike Virtual System Format
SYV Outline 4D
SYW Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave Format
SYX MIDI System Exclusive Message
SY_ Korg Dw8000 Compressed Format
SZ Winamp Skin Format
SZ3 ScreamTracker V3
SZA HiCAD NeXt Construction
SZF SilverDAT II Data Exchange Format
SZP SecureZIP Policy
SZS Mario Kart Wii Game Archive Format
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